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10 Top Magazines In India In Terms Of Circulation Antworten

Do you want to know which are the top magazines in India and why many people enjoy reading them? Aside from passion, there are many reasons to read something. Every reading is unique to the situation. It could be for knowledge, pleasure, a hobby, or something else entirely. In the world of entertainment, magazines play a significant role. They go into the details of any news that is of general public interest. They may be informative at times and amusing at others. They also give us a place to express ourselves through short stories, poetry, and other creative writing columns. In India, a variety of publications in many languages covering various topics.

For the web-savvy generation, most of them have online editions as well. English magazines write stories on health, fitness, fashion, lifestyle, movies, politics, general knowledge, current events, sports, and numerous other topics. Business is also a widely covered genre by magazines. In the recent version, Tradeflock, one of the leading online business magazines, has featured the Best Business Magazines in India.

Here is a list of the 10 Top Magazines in India, sorted from good to the best.

Femina is a women’s magazine published by Worldwide Media, a Mumbai-based corporation. It is a biweekly publication having a circulation of 3.09 lakhs. Therefore, Femina got tenth place in our list of top magazines in India. The Times Group is the publisher of this feminine magazine, and the inaugural edition of the magazine came out in July of 1959. Femina is one of the top fashion magazines in India, and Home science, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle are among the genres covered by it. In addition to English, it is also available in Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil. Femina holds a beauty pageant every year in which one participant is nominated from each country. Femina is also accessible as an online subscription.

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